Top 7 Costa Rica Boutique Hotels

Why Costa Rica?


Costa Rica is believed to be one of the preeminent destinations for tourists looking to spend quality time with family and friends in a tranquil yet enjoyable environment. The lush rain forests, immaculate beaches, and grand volcanoes make Costa Rica a top-notch destination for an excellent getaway. To top it all, the phenomenal hotels are the best spots to enjoy its stunning natural wonders, while relaxing in the lap of luxury. So here are the top 7 Costa Rica boutique hotels that will make your overall experience a memorable one:

1. Studio Boutique Hotel


If you are looking for picturesque rooms, pampering services, endless mountain views, and world-class cuisine, then look no further.  Studio Boutique Hotel offers great hospitality, and blends it with incredibly luxurious architectural design that will certainly leave long lasting memories in your mind.  The deluxe rooms are perfect for a comfortable, spacious, and restful sleep.  Placing travellers within a 15 minute drive of Museum of Costa Rican Art and Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, the hotel offers an airport shuttle, along with the advantages of being centrally located from the main shopping centers. Being one of the top 5 luxury hotels, Studio Boutique brings out the art in travelling.  This art comes from the collection of private arts that encircles guests in a unique environment.  For more information on this beautiful boutique hotel, feel free to check out their website –

2. Gaia Boutique Hotel


This beautiful resort makes their guests experience and enjoy wildlife in luxury. The 5 star resort exhibits nature and modern amenities perfectly well for the enjoyment of their visitors. Located in the jaw dropping landscape, and magnificent port of lowland forests, this resort allows visitors to enjoy the sights and sound, and enthralling nature of Costa Rica. Their services also include luxury spa, pool, gym, restaurant, and 24/7 room service.

3. Hacienda Alta Gracia


Curled up upon the lush mountains and beauty of Perez Zeledón, this resort offers unique experiences to the guests. At Hacienda, visitors can gaze at beautiful sunsets, bask in the sun, immerse themselves in phenomenal nature, or walk in the rain. The 50 casitas and suites are delicately tailored with wood and leather accents, to give their guests comfort and privacy, while enjoying the captivating surroundings. Guests can also experience a wonderful culinary experience, along with spa and pool facility.

4. Cala Luna Boutique Hotel


This alluring hotel if for all the nature lovers. It is surrounded by luxurious vegetation of bountiful silver farms, vibrant bougainvillea, and delicate hibiscus. It is more than just a hotel. A short path takes the guests from the hotels swimming pool and restaurants to the most enthralling beach point around. Here even the monkey’s and birds stop to see the sun dip hysterically into the ocean.

5. Four Seasons Resort


Tourists are sure to fall under the spell of this resort. Its eco-adventure tradition that has become synonymous with Costa Rica’s wide array of stunning adventures is loved by all the tourists. It boasts of being an unbeatable choice for those looking for a combination of activity and relaxation. A decade of providing high quality experience to travellers from all across the globe, it guarantees to offer diligent services, luxurious accommodations, pool, spa, restaurants, and of course, without forgetting the Eco-adventure activities.

6. Nayara Hotel


With a plethora of accolades and rewards from stakeholders in travel and hospitality industry, this hotel is considered to be one of the top class hotels in Costa Rica for visitors desiring a beautiful environment, and a great fun time. Being a five star hotel, it offers delicious cuisines, and great service that will always have its guests wanting for more. It is also regarded as one of the best romantic spots in the world.

7. Reserva Conchal Hotel

This is a luxury resort for all those who love the beach and golf. At Reserva Conchal, Golf is a world-class experience. It is ideal for all golfers, and the beautiful ravines and lakes around it accentuate its layout, and thereby put a premium on any well thought-out golf game. This tropical resort is also richly decorated in Spanish colonial facades offering spacious accommodations.



So experience the exotic nature of Costa Rica by choosing one of these top 7 Costa Rica boutique hotels, and revel in the vast availability of customized options as unique as your fashionable ways. With incredibly beautiful mountains, beaches, volcanoes, forests, coconut palms embedded in the beach sand, and roads invaded with plant sprouts- this Costa Rica is certainly worth visiting. And, with these remarkable resort options, it is going to be lots of good accommodation and enjoyment.